Apostle William T. Ford, Sr. has been active in ministry since the tender age of twelve. He received his foundation in the Word of God from his mother, Evangelist Corrine Ford and Bishop E.A. Jackson, his pastor.

In honor of the call of God upon his life, he humbly submits himself to the leadership of the Holy Spirit as God raises him to become a General in the Body of Christ. With a vision of "Seeking to Save the Lost" ... he has dedicated his life to daily Seek the Lost, Teach the Found and Send the Disciples. Apostle Ford is truly a pastor of pastors. He ministers and teaches a challenging message of deliverance in the areas of the mind (thought process) spirit (salvation) and prosperity.

Apostle Ford is a man of God who is confident in the gifting and calling of God upon his life. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Apostle Ford has a strong revelatory teaching ministry concerning the gospel in relation to present day truth. He is uniquely gifted in the prophetic ministry as he speaks the Word of the Lord into the lives of the people. His powerful teachings concerning Kingdom thinking and living have brought forth deliverance and increase: mentally, spiritually and financially into the lives of all that sit under his teachings.

Affectionately called “Tommy (by family only), he was spiritually reared in the church he now pastor, Parks Chapel Church (now called Kingdom Impact Global Ministries). He was born June 24, 1961 in a God fearing home to Elder Corrine Ford in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He is the ninth child of ten. He graduated high school in 1979 from Westover Sr. High School. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Counseling from Calvary Theological Seminary, Lake Charles Louisiana. He holds a Master of Arts and a Doctoral degree in Christian Clinical Counseling from Cornerstone Bible College Lake Charles, Louisiana. Apostle William T. Ford, Sr., is the author of one book entitled, Preserving the Body.

Apostle William Ford resides in Raeford, NC with his powerfully, anointed wife, Glendora. Together they are the proud parents of two handsome sons and one beautiful daughter - Airman William Jr. stationed at Lackland AFB, Texas; Stephon 16 and Shawntel a freshman at Methodist University Fayetteville, who are all active in ministry.